Chris McQueer


Chris McQueer is a 20-something year old writer and sales assistant from Glasgow.  After leaving school at 16, Chris found himself working under the hallowed title of ‘Sandwich Artist’ in Subway where he was the source of constant complaints as he couldn’t cut footlong sandwiches equally in half. Now he works in a sports shop where he is regarded as the greatest seller of trainers the world has ever seen. 

Chris kept his writing a secret from his friends and family for several months before his girlfriend, Vanessa, encouraged him to share his work through Twitter (@ChrisMcQueer). Since then he has gone from strength to strength and has earned a reputation as ‘That Guy Oan Twitter Who Writes Short Stories’. 

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The Preview Pamphlet

These are odd stories. 

They’re weird stories. 

They are hard to define at times. 

But what we can confirm:  they are definitely stories from that Guy oan Twitter.

In this preview:




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