The 404 Ink Bundle (2017)

The 404 Ink Bundle (2017)


We thought the themes 'F WORD' and 'POWER' went together so well that we'd bundle them together as our 2017 literary magazine offering. All the new writing we put out in 2017 in one bundle. This will make one hell of a thud when it lands on your doorstep.

POWER, Winter 2017:
Superhumans and superpowers. Girls just wanting to have thunder. Being bulletproof. Not liking Tories. A list of possible projects conceived while  working at a shitty office job.

You’ve got the power.

From the electrical jolts that bring Frankenstein to life, to powerful names in poetry, from pain relief to navigating identity through video games, 404 Ink tackles the topic of power in all its forms through fiction, non-fiction, poetry and comics.  

Wrapping up 2017 we’ve compiled a mega list of our favourite reads from the year past, alongside picks from Chris McQueer, Helen McClory and our own Nasty Women, just in case you needed more for your to-be-read pile.

Full list of Issue 2 authors and artists:
Andrew Blair, Calum MacLeod, Carol Stewart, Caroline Grebell, Darren Hepburn, Ever Dundas, Gary Marshall, Henry Bell, Isaac Wilcox, Jane Flett, Jonathan Macho, Joseph S Pete, Karyn Dougan, Kirsty Logan, Lisa Parr, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir, Matthew Meyer, Mel Reeve, Melissa Goodbourn, Rebecca Monks, Rebecca Raeburn, Ricky Monahan Brown, Ross McCleary, Ryan Ende, Sim Bajwa, Siobhan Dunlop, Siobhan Shields, Stuart Kenny, Veronique Kootstra

F WORD, Summer 2017:
Fission. Fraught weather. F-Word machines. Bloody Jessica Fletchers. Flim-flam.

We face (alternative) facts of the future, fatigue, feminism, feces, f*%king fancy dress, ferocity and, finally, farewells through fiction, non-fiction, poetry and comics. We also chat to FRANK IERO of My Chemical Romance, FOR BOOKS' SAKE, and SALLY BOND and KRISTY MILLER of Kickstarter sensation FEMME MAGNIFIQUE, and MORE!

Full list of Issue 2 authors and artists:
Chris Beausang, Chris Boyland, Paul Bristow & Mhairi Robertson, Rex Bromfield, Ricky Monahan Brown, Jen Burrows, Ria Cagampang, Eva Carson, Celeste W. Clark, Siobhan Dunlop, Alan Fielden, Fameron Foster, Lucy Holden, Suzey Ingold, Nadine Aisha Jassat, Veronique Kootstra, Hannah Lavery, Katy Lennon, Jenny Lindsay, Kirsty Logan, Calum MacLeod, Colm MacQueen, Stevie McEwan, Helen Victoria Murray, Tom Paul-Smith, Heather Parry, Errol Rivera, Jeffrey G. Roberts, Claire Squires, Michael Stephenson, Rhiannon Tate, L.A. Traynor, Simon Ward, Thomas Welsh.

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