The Goldblum Variations - Helen McClory

The Goldblum Variations - Helen McClory


We like Jeff Goldblum. You like Jeff Goldblum. Helen McClory really likes Jeff Goldblum. Treat yourself to The Goldblum Variations, a collection of flash fictions, stories and games on the one and only Jeff Goldblum as he, and alternate versions of himself, travels through the known (and unknown) Universe in a mighty celebration of weird and wonderful Goldbluminess. Maybe he's cooking, maybe he's wearing a nice jumper, maybe he's reading this very pamphlet. The possibilities are endless. Have we said Jeff Goldblum enough yet? 

Treat yourself, because all that glitters is Goldblum.

As part of our zine series with a limited run. This is not affiliated with or endorsed by actual Jeff Goldblum, and the contents of these pages are (almost certainly) fictional.

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