Chris McQueer is coming to audio!

chris audio.png

We were posting some all caps tweets recently about a string of good news, and we’re stoked to tell you the latest: the audio rights to Chris McQueer’s Hings and HWFG have been acquired by Audible!

It follows the recent news that a few stories from Chris’ debut Hings were adapted for the BBC. You don’t need us to tell you how great his books are, whether on the page or performed on stage, and it’s generally exciting to see them coming to both TV and now audio.


“I'm buzzing that Hings and HWFG are coming to Audible,” says Chris. “Hopefully people will enjoy having my dulcet tones poured directly into their ears.”

Dubbed ‘one of the most exciting and authentic talents on Scotland’s new writing scene’, it’s basically an exciting time to be a fan of Chris and his work. We’ll let you know when the books come to Audible, and in the meantime you can check out the three Hings adaptations, produced by Joe Hullait and Ewan Denny through Belter Studios and Serious Facilities, on the BBC iPlayer now. They are amazing.

Exciting times!