A Year of 404 Ink

According to our notes, on the 11th of July 2016, 404 Ink became a thing, legally speaking, and on the 15th of July we actually launched. This means, first and foremost: hurrah! Two birthdays for us. More importantly, it means that this week, 404 Ink turns one year old. Here is our emosh Oscar speech and thanks on letting us do this.

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Heather McDaid
Nasty Women: 404 goes booky

With Issue 1 set to be arriving with you in the next fortnight, it seems about time to tell you our booky plans, right? Announcing...


Publishing March 8th 2017, from 404 Ink.

With intolerance and inequality increasingly normalised by the day, it's more important than ever for women to share their experiences. Nasty Women is a collection of essays, interviews and accounts on what it is to be a woman in the 21st century.

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AnnouncementHeather McDaid
404 launch: You're invited!

We're chuffed to be gatecrashing Interrobang's end-of-the-year shindig on December 9th at Bongo Club, Edinburgh to launch our wee lit mag, and you're invited!

We'll have a night of stories, tomfoolery and excellent Christmas jumpers to launch Issue 1. There will be readings from the writers of Edinburgh’s newest independent, alternative publisher (hi, that's us), including CHRISTINA NEUWIRTH, CHRIS MCQUEER and GAVIN INGLIS!

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404 Ink receives Creative Scotland funding

It’s been an exciting time of late. We’ve been busy editing Issue 1 of 404 Ink and finally this week we send it off to print, and we’ve even booked our launch event in Edinburgh (we’d keep December 9th free, if we were you. And get some jazzy Christmas jumpers ready).

But we have another exciting piece of news to start the week: we received Creative Scotland funding! You can read more about it here.

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NewsLaura Jones
404 Ink Issue 1: Alive and ready to pre-order.

You’ve been patient with us since our launch two and a half months ago, but here it is: Error. You’ve helped us explore the realm of mistakes, mishaps and the friendly 404, and now we’re ready to show off what we’ve got ahead of publication in late November.

Through fiction, non-fiction, poetry and comics, we travel the vastness of space down to microscopic particles, through the darkest of times, nights out, other worlds and prophecies. Coffee cups, arty mishaps, politics, gaming, glitches of the mind – we asked where you see error and, as you can tell, you didn’t disappoint.

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AnnouncementLaura Jones
A Patreon crash course, and its piece in the 404 puzzle

We’ve been chatting about Patreon a lot since we launched a few weeks ago, but we know not everyone’s familiar with what it is so here’s a crash course on Patreon, how we’re using it for 404 Ink and how you can be involved.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a leading crowdfunding website that supports creators on a subscription-based model, either with monthly payments, or per project. We've opted for per project.

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EtcHeather McDaid
So, what are 404 Ink up to?

Hello. You found us. If you're here it means that on some level, you've heard of 404 Ink. It's been almost a week since we launched, and we have a few followers, submissions for issue one, and even a few Patrons already. This is all very exciting, and you are all wonderful.

It's been a hell of a week, but we've yet to delve a bit more into who we are and what we're doing. So we thought we should start there.

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