The Last Days of James Scythe 💜

A lot has been going on this last while and we're just catching our breath. The main thing in December is that we published our third book The Last Days of James Scythe by the wonderful lot in Creeper. We spent the first week or so of December trekking around the country on their Theatre of Fear tour and meeting a bunch of ace people at gigs and signings. 


So first of all, now we've caught up on sleep and the subsequent backlog of orders: THANK YOU CREEPER. Thank you for letting us add a small part to the world of James Scythe, and for trusting us in doing so. It was really ace to work with you all, and nice to work with a band so creative and ambitious that a book to accompany their first album is an idea they want to get on board with.

We unfortunately had to cut our trip short as the southern blizzard stopped us getting anywhere near Southampton (a policeman literally said the phrase, "The south is closed" as we were trapped on a snow-strewn road), but it has been an amazing way to end our first full year as a publisher.

The Last Days of James Scythe is a mystery that unravels differently for everyone. There are a lot of answers in there if you dig deep enough. One of the coolest things has been seeing people work out bits around the book - Thea and Mia were the two girls who cracked the fact that Creeper were doing a book with us miles before anyone else, and it was cool to get to meet them in Manchester and see the multitude of notes they've amassed around the case. As music fans first and foremost, that is the coolest thing. 

Thea & Mia in Manchester

Thea & Mia in Manchester


It's been cool to see people discover hidden gems in there, and interesting to see that some of the biggest ones haven't been picked up on yet, so there's always more to come. If you would like a copy of The Last Days of James Scythe, our website shop will re-open on Boxing Day. It's a wild ride of a book, and testament to the boundless creativity of Creeper. Rock is lucky to have a band like them.

ANYWAY. Enough from us. Here's photos from the Glasgow and Southampton signings, by Sinéad Grainger and Ellie Mitchell. Thanks again for having us Creeper, it's been a blast. 

ps. Keep digging in the book.



Photos by Sinéad Grainger

Photos by Ellie Mitchell


Photos by Ellie Mitchell