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Bradford Literature Festival: Poetic Responses to Frida Kahlo

Over half a century after her death, Frida Kahlo has achieved iconic status, with her evocative paintings, compelling biography, and signature style. But what happens when we take away Kahlo’s celebrity and focus solely on her work?

With an introduction to the artist and her work offered by Juan Felipe Herrera, we gather three poets to create their lyrical responses to three of Kahlo’s most resonant paintings: Roots, The Broken Column, and The Two Fridas. Tishani Doshi, Sabrina Mahfouz, and Nadine Aisha Jassat offer their impressions, presenting their poems alongside short films crafted to complement the poem and the original painting. This mesmerising juxtaposition of poetry and art showcases Kahlo’s ongoing influence on contemporary writers, providing them with endless sources of inspiration, wonderment, and questions.

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