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Book Fringe: Queer Words

  • Lighthouse - Edinburgh's Radical Bookshop 43-45 Nicolson Street Edinburgh, Scotland, EH8 9BE United Kingdom (map)

If queer is what you are, and writing is what you do, what happens when both combine? This question has never been far from Queer Words Project Scotland. In this panel, Ryan Vance (editor), Kirsty Logan and Rachel Plummer (writers/mentors), and Heather McDaid (publisher, 404Ink) discuss how engaging with queerness in writing can create both pigeonholes and opportunities for writer and reader alike.


Queer Words Project Scotland hopes to provide opportunities where queerness isn't a hurdle to clear, but the qualifying factor. We want to enable more queer writers to tell our stories however we want to. We want to find and encourage work which reflects our community in all its variety, whether it directly tackles the big issues or simply recognises queerness is the norm against which we live our lives. The queer community is also infinitely more varied than one monolithic identity. Yet the stories we encounter can sometimes lack both variety and specificity. Our cultural representation is often two-dimensional - and that's if our identities are even visible to begin with.

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