Issue 1: Concave - Lucy Goodwill.



Taken from Issue 1 of 404 Ink

Life is a complex set of curves and she was currently on the trajectory of a downward loop. Her heaviest thought seemed to change almost hourly, with each passing collection of minutes and seconds dragging her ever closer to an x-axis collision. Every time she thought she had pinned it down, she had found the lowest point, another sensation found its way into the mix and pulled her deeper into solitary reflection. 

It had been happening for a while, these tortured waves of her existence. From time to time, after a spell of normality, the world would seem to shift around her and she would feel different for a while. It was as though her body stayed still and yet her mind and her sight and everything else moved slightly to the side. On these days (or weeks, or months) she felt unaligned and off centre and she couldn’t quite explain it.

No one else seemed to notice, though. It wasn’t clear, it seemed, that everything wasn’t alright. The world was slightly tilted and physics wasn’t on her side but no one commented. No one stopped her. They all looked at her the same and treated her the same and she would find herself overwhelmed by the normality of it all.

How could people be so calm when nothing was quite right?

It was a foolish, sultry husk of a feeling and yet it lingered like the persistent memory of a particularly bad dream. It weighed on her throughout the seconds and the minutes of every hour of every day, until eventually it would become so heavy that it was all she could think about.

It was the worst thing that had ever happened to her and it had happened at least four times. 

It was the worst thing that had ever happened to her and nobody seemed to have noticed.

- by Lucy Goodwill (@lucygoodwill)