Issue 1: The Erroneous Calculus of Compassion - Ian McKenzie.

Taken from Issue 1 | 1.015 million people arrived from the sea in Western Europe as of 31st July 2016. That’s 5075 people washed up per day, since January 1st, far from high and dry. 1 guilt-assuaging leaflet stuck with 1 magnet from Turkey on a Beko 320S fridge door offering 31 gifts across 2 web pages. If I’m one of the 45% I will look at these web pages for more than 15 seconds. A shelter for a family from this website costs £14. The average Middle Eastern family is 5 persons. This will cost £2,842,000 to provide 203,000 shelters. £50 provides fresh water for 50 people, I’ll need 203,000 sets of that at £50 per set. Each family can have an allotment at £24. This will cost £4,872,000. Veg is not enough to ensure the health of all these persons so £6 buys a health check (£6,090,000). 52% of these people will be children. A classroom for 30 costs £1500. 33,833 classrooms will be required, costing £50,750,000. This will be an event of more than 6 hours duration, so according to the one and only Health and Safety Purple Book, this sounds like a major campsite event with a stipulation for 24,010 WC’s and urinals. Fortunately, the website can provide a toilet for £20. This will cost £480,200. In conclusion, £66,049,200 will seem to address the needs of 1.015 million displaced persons. The UK has revenues totalling the equivalent of 939,540,000,000 USD. Attempts to cost and quantify exactly the missing compassion and willingness from Western Europe have proved erroneous.
Without this factor the resources described herein are useless unless matched by ‘x’ quantity of willingness and compassion.