’Hilarious, heartfelt and utterly unhinged. Vintage McQueer. The most exciting and authentic new voice in UK literature. Charlie Brooker on Buckfast’ - MARTIN COMPSTON 

Your fave Sammy gets a job and Angie goes to Craig Tara.
Plans are made to kick the f*ck out of Kim Jong-Un.
You’ll find answers to the big questions in life:

What happens when we die?
What does Brexit actually mean?
Why are moths terrifying?
What are ghosts like to live with?

It’s just a load more short stories ‘n that.

hwfg x

‘Chris McQueer is one of the most exciting and authentic talents on Scotland's new writing scene. Buy this book or you're a rocket’

‘Every generation a writer comes along who provides an unmistakable injection of working-class energy into Scottish literature, and gets people usually alienated by books intae it again.  Like a dog on Red Bull when the door goes, the effervescent and hilarious Chris McQueer is the man of the moment.’

‘McQueer destroys the Difficult Second Album Syndrome with HWFG.  Bigger characters, brilliant storytelling and massive belly laughs. He's taken Nirvana's "Nevermind" approach... and knocked it out the park.’

‘Funnier than Scot Squad.’ - JOE HULLAIT, creator of Scot Squad



'Hilariously surreal snapshots of working class Scotland. Limmy meets Irvine Welsh.' – Ewan Denny, Link & Lorne

From the streets of working class Scotland, and on occasion, a little beyond our solar system, comes one of the country's most hilarious debut writers. Putting surreal and witty twists on the everyday, Chris McQueer creates recognisable characters you will love and want to avoid like the plague. Peter's earned his night off, and there's not a bloody chance he s covering Shelley's shift. He just needs to find some pals for the perfect cover story. Deek is going to be at the forefront of the outsider art movement and do Banksy proud. Davie loves tattoos and his latest is going to be a masterpiece. Tam is one of the most creative minds in the galaxy (apparently), but creating parallel universes can cause problems. Everybody on Earth wakes up with their knees on backwards. He caught folks' imagination on Medium with his stories, had rooms howling with laughter on the spoken word circuit, and now it's time to put Chris McQueer on the page.

Are you ready?

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'An essential window into many of the hazard-strewn worlds younger women are living in right now.’ – Margaret Atwood (Twitter

'It means thought and grace at a pressurised time, it means not going backwards, it means a huge sigh of relief, an arm around the shoulder. It means vital spirit.' – Ali Smith

People, politics, pressure, punk - From working class experience to racial divides in Trump’s America, being a child of immigrants, to sexual assault, Brexit, pregnancy, contraception, identity, family, finding a voice online, role models and more, Nasty Women is a collection of essays and accounts on being a woman in the 21st century. Keep telling your stories, and tell them loud.

'An essential, incredible multitudinous riot of voices... required reading.' – Nikesh Shukla, editor of The Good Immigrant

Love Nasty Women? Showcase your nasty side.



Other titles: On The Edges of Vision, The Goldblum Variations.

‘Shiny dark licorice mind candy: nothing quite like them’ - Margaret Atwood

Angela Carter for the millennial generation' - Meena Kandasamy.

'Her finest work to date, Mayhem & Death is a staggering achievement – a beguiling and essential work.' - ***** The Skinny

In the anticipated follow-up collection to 2015’s award-winning On the Edges of Vision, Helen McClory returns delving deeper into descriptively mythical yet recognisable stories woven from dark and light, human fear and fortune. Swimming and suffering. Spikes loom ever-threatening. A weight against the throat. Sea where the dead lie pressed into a layer of silt. A silent documentary through a terrible place. Mary Somerville, future Queen of Science. A coven of two. A polar companion. Mayhem & Death is the matured, darker companion to On the Edges of Vision and shows McClory’s ever expanding ability to envelop and entrance her readers with lyrical language of lore, stunning settings and curious characters. It includes woodcut-style illustrations to accompany each short story.



Other titles: Mayhem & Death, The Goldblum Variations.

‘Her edgy stories transmit the strangeness of realities in a way that’s comforting precisely because so unsettling. She’s a writer completely unafraid.’ - Ali Smith

‘Shiny dark licorice mind candy: nothing quite like them’ - Margaret Atwood

'Angela Carter for the millennial generation' - Meena Kandasamy

In On the Edges of Vision, unease sounds itself in the language of legend.  Images call on memory, on the monstrous self. In Helen McClory’s award-winning, daring debut collection, the skin prickles against sweeps of light or darkness, the fantastic or the frightful; deep water, dark woods, or scattered flesh in desert sand. 

Whether telling of a boy cyclops or a pretty dead girl, drowned sailors or the devil himself, each story draws the reader towards not bleakness but a tale half-told, a truth half-true: that the monster is human, and only wants to reach out and take you by the hand.

f word.png


Fission. Fraught weather. F-Word machines. Bloody Jessica Fletchers. Flim-flam.

We face (alternative) facts of the future, fatigue, feminism, feces, f*%king fancy dress, ferocity and, finally, farewells through fiction, non-fiction, poetry and comics. We also chat to FRANK IERO of My Chemical Romance, FOR BOOKS' SAKE, and SALLY BOND and KRISTY MILLER of Kickstarter sensation FEMME MAGNIFIQUE, and MORE!

Full list of Issue 2 authors and artists:
Chris Beausang, Chris Boyland, Paul Bristow & Mhairi Robertson, Rex Bromfield, Ricky Monahan Brown, Jen Burrows, Ria Cagampang, Eva Carson, Celeste W. Clark, Siobhan Dunlop, Alan Fielden, Fameron Foster, Lucy Holden, Suzey Ingold, Nadine Aisha Jassat, Veronique Kootstra, Hannah Lavery, Katy Lennon, Jenny Lindsay, Kirsty Logan, Calum MacLeod, Colm MacQueen, Stevie McEwan, Helen Victoria Murray, Tom Paul-Smith, Heather Parry, Errol Rivera, Jeffrey G. Roberts, Claire Squires, Michael Stephenson, Rhiannon Tate, L.A. Traynor, Simon Ward, Thomas Welsh.