HWFG by Chris McQueer (Ebook)

HWFG by Chris McQueer (Ebook)


Here We F**king Go (HWFG) is the much-anticipated follow up to Chris McQueer’s hilarious, award-winning debut short story collection Hings. In HWFG...

Your fave Sammy gets a job and Angie goes to Craig Tara.
Plans are made to kick the f*ck out of Kim Jong-Un.
You’ll find answers to the big questions in life:

What happens when we die?
What does Brexit actually mean?
Why are moths terrifying?
What are ghosts like to live with?

It’s just a load more short stories ‘n that.

hwfg x

INCLUDES: Big Angie Goes to Craig Tara, Brexit, Santa, Extreme Polls, Sammy Gets a Job, The Moth, Hawns, The Biggest Riddy, Haircut, The Deep, Sammy the Crime Scene Cleaner, Afterlife, Under Surveillance, Snails, Interview with the Shoe Guy, The Moth – Part 2, Sammy’s First Acid Trip, Leathered.

Includes: PDF, Kindle version (MOBI) and EPUB.
Download includes a ZIP folder and can only be opened on desktop or Android phones. iPhone users will need to download the folder onto their desktop/laptop and manually add the books to their devices.

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