Mayhem & Death - Helen McClory

Mayhem & Death - Helen McClory


'Angela Carter for the millennial generation' - Meena Kandasamy.

'McClory is never less than a deeply generous writer. Her finest work to date, Mayhem & Death is a staggering achievement – a beguiling and essential work.' - ***** The Skinny

In the anticipated follow-up collection to 2015’s award-winning On the Edges of Vision, Helen McClory returns delving deeper into descriptively mythical yet recognisable stories woven from dark and light, human fear and fortune.

Swimming and suffering. Spikes loom ever-threatening. A weight against the throat. Sea where the dead lie pressed into a layer of silt. A silent documentary through a terrible place. Mary Somerville, future Queen of Science. A coven of two. A polar companion.

Mayhem & Death is the matured, darker companion to On the Edges of Vision and shows McClory’s ever expanding ability to envelop and entrance her readers with lyrical language of lore, stunning settings and curious characters. It includes woodcut-style illustrations to accompany each short story.

Mayhem & Death also introduces the brand new novella Powdered Milk, a tale for the lost.

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