The Last Days of James Scythe (and September).


SURPRISE. We promised we'd announce our third book in September, we just didn't mention that it'd be at the very last second. 

About six months ago we met up with Creeper on a drizzly Scottish day just after they'd released their debut album Eternity, In Your Arms and asked them if they wanted to do a book. It turns out they did. The even better news? It's available to order right this second, as of September 30th at 12pm. 

The Last Days of James Scythe publishes on November 30th, and is available to pre-order at This last while, we've been working with Will, Ian and David Ransom (not photographed above - we will get him in a photo with us one of these days!) on something that we're really excited to share with you all.

What happened to James Scythe?

What you are about to read is confidential. One of the Ombudsman of the Preternatural's former Special Agents went missing in 2015 and it's time to answer the question that the authorities have ignored: what happened to James Scythe? Many have tried to follow the unnatural and unsettling story of Southampton's prolific mystery but no one has been granted full access to the official James Scythe case files to piece together exactly what happened to him in his last days. 

Until now.

Lilly will be back with her findings shortly. We trust you will keep this between us.

We've spent the last few months dotting up and down between Southampton and Edinburgh, so it's cool to be able to share the first part of what we've been up to.

More to come. Pre-order your copy here. Until then, don't be a stranger.