Mayhem and Death with Helen McClory.

 Photo by Sinéad Grainger

Photo by Sinéad Grainger

It's been a few weeks since we announced our final book of 2017, so why not look ahead to 2018? We're bloody delighted to announce that we'll be publishing not one, but two books from rad, award-winning author Helen McClory in March 2018!

404 Ink will be repackaging and re-releasing Helen's weird and wonderful debut collection On the Edges of Vision (winner of the Saltire Society First Book of the Year Award) alongside her new, darker (and equally wonderful) collection Mayhem and Death, the follow-up to Helen's debut novel Flesh of the Peach (Freight, 2017). Helen has been praised as being 'clearly one of the best new writers to have emerged in Scotland in the last few years' by the Herald, and we heartily agree.

When we launched 404 Ink in 2016 and people asked what sort of books we were looking to publish, we genuinely would say, "I don't know? Ideally someone like Helen McClory." And now, it's happening. For real. 

Heather McDaid