Issue 4: INK!

It's Summer 2018. That means it's time to unveil: ISSUE 4 OF 404 INK!

Look at that beautiful cover! Shout outs as always to Michaela Strachan for her amazing cover design. You can pre-order your copy here.

So, onto the magazine...

ISSUE 4. We started with Error, let’s end this set with Ink.
When we were trying to come up with names for our figurative publisher, one of the names that came up was Error Ink. We hope you agree that 404 Ink is much better. So, it seems appropriate with our first issue being Error, our fourth and last for the time being is Ink.

A fatal night shift. A mysterious handwritten letter. A paranormal sexual experience. Bottling ink. Eating ink. Being inked. Ink outside the box.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then ink is the elixir of life... right? Exploring the theme of ‘ink’ has us delving into the deathly depths where ink-expelling creatures dwell and up here on dry land where the ink-wearing and ink-wielding show you there’s more to ink than might meet the eye.

We also had a chat to illustrator extraordinaire Neil Slorance, Disney-obsessed tattoo artist Jackie Huertas and debut author Jade Sharma in this latest installment of 404 Ink.

Fleur Beaupert, JL Bogenschneider, Valerie Brentjes, Annabelle Carr, F.E. Clark, Neil Clark, Julie Danskin, Darren Forster, Caroline Grebbell, Elva Hills, Gavin Inglis, Steven Ingram, Emery Kennedy, Elizabeth Lovatt, Jonathan Macho, K Mackay, Colm Macqueen, Chris Manson, Allan Martin, Jen McGregor, Suzanne McManus, Johnny Owens, Michael Pedersen, Phoebe Quinn, Mel Reeve, Ashley Rose, Esther Rutter, Hyndland Squawks, Sylvia Tefler, Kevin Williamson and Kirsti Wishart.

Publishing July 2018.

Looks alright, eh? Don't forget: PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE!

PS. We're taking a break after Issue 4 so we can come back with a bang in 2019. We're also revamping our Patreon for subscriptions. It was set up on day one of 404, and we're very different now, so it seems a good time to look at Patreon 2.0!