Chris McQueer & 404 win at Saboteur Awards!

A lot of voting and one whirlwind trip to London later, 404 return to Scotland with a win for Best Short Story Collection for Chris McQueer's Hings and for ourselves for Most Innovative Publisher! 

We knew the prize was going to be gin (on top of the kudos) and they couldn't post it to the winners, so we booked a train for the return journey from London especially in case we did win. Thank god we did, eh?

The vote was all the power of the public so we have to thank you and share some of the amazing compliments people put in their feedback: 

404 Ink bring a DIY, punk ethos to publishing without any sacrifice of quality. Just look at that stable of authors!
Between their anthologies essays and promoting Scottish talent they are incredible
Diversifying publishing in action
taking advantage of every inch their small size gives them to punch above their weight, and maneuvre skillfully in a difficult industry frought with way more risk than reward. great work, 404 Ink!

And our favourites...

404 Ink publishes Hings sooo....
yessss !!!!

We're not worthy. 

Thanks Saboteur to shortlisting us and everyone else for pushing us into the win. We're still smiling days later.

Here is Chris accepting his furry award remotely.