404 Ink Issue 4: not quite goodbye, but...

Happy New Year, folks. We made an announcement at our Issue 3 launch back in December which is finally getting made online: Issue 4 of our literary magazine will be our last... for now.

We love the literary magazine, but increasingly our time and efforts are stretched across too many projects at once. As such, we want to ensure the literary magazine isn't just being banged out every six months because we said it would be - we want to make sure we have the time and energy to publish the magazine properly. 

So, Issue 4 is our only magazine of 2018. We don't know when the magazine will return, but for now, at least, we'll be skipping at least one cycle to catch our breath and focus on the books for a while. We can feel time gradually getting away from us and want to take a break when we're still in control of things, get better systems in place, and come back swinging.

There's still time to submit your fiction, non-fiction, poetry and comics in English and Scottish Gaelic - the deadline is towards the end of February, but we wanted to give you a heads up what our plans are.

For guidelines and where to submit to, visit our Submissions page.